The Life and Works of Peter Hand

Play Sculptures

Pentagon Centre, Chatham

When I was asked to design sculptures for the Pentagon Centre in Chatham, I decided on a "new look", very different from my familiar style of wood or fibreglass features and proposed sea creatures to be made of tubular steel with timber cladding. Being much bigger than the sculptures I had made for the Nottingham Victorie Centre they would be too large for nylon dipping but could be finished with a corrosion proof, sprayed aluminium coating.

I had given myself a greater technical problem in showing the welders who were going to do the steelwork exactly how the tubular components, for which I supplied full-size drawings, were to be assembled. The attached photographs of the Whale and Serpent are of the sketch-models I provided, while the Nautilus model shows the structure with its wooden application.

I only have pictures of the final Whale and Nautilus on site. My photos of the Serpent have got lost.
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