The Life and Works of Peter Hand

Play Sculptures

Brent Cross, London

After I had completed the sculptures for the Broadmarsh Centre in Nottingham, I had a steady stream of orders for more Play Sculptures. Not that I was ever overwhelmed by them and I had tim to work on other projects during the intervals, but for several years they provided me with a useful income.

An important commission at that time was for a group of features for the Brent Cross Shopping Centre in London. While I was usually able to propose my own ideas for subjects, in this instance the developers insisted that a Horse should be included. In addition I suggested a Tortoise and a Caterpillar. I was never too enthusiastic about horses as apart from sitting on them they gave little scope for activity, whereas I thought my caterpillar as a crawl-through tunnel was more of an adventure for a child. However if a Horse was required I would certainly provide it.

Around about this time the Arndale Centre in Poole was expanded and the architects came to me for another sculpture for the new area. I proposed a Hippopotamus, whose gaping mouth would be the entrance to a slide. A handsome and popular addition to the Centre.

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