The Life and Works of Peter Hand

Play Sculptures

Nottingham - Shopping Centres & the Queens Medical Centre

Fortunately for me there was an interval before I was asked to make more Play Sculptures. The features for Poole and for Aylesbury were undertaken in temporary, ad hoc, accommodation, but I had acquired new, spacious studios by the time the next order came through, which was for a Centre in Nottingham. Ultimately Nottingham proved to be my best customer.

The Broadmarsh Centre. under development asked me ro produce three sculptures for them and I chose to make a Horse, a Frog and a Caterpillar. in hardwood, similar to the material used in Poole.

Soon after I was contacted by a rival of theirs - the Victoria Centre, who wanted a couple of sculptures. To differentiate, I decided on an alternative to timber and decided on tubular steel. On discussion with the engineering firm who would supply the materials and do the welding for me, I discovered that, if made in relatively small units, the steel parts could be dipped in nylon, which would protect from corrosion and give a much more sympathetic finish.

Consequently I designed a Snake, made of suitably small, separate units, and a Grasshopper, that just met the dimensional requirements.

Several years later I was approached by a representative of the WRVS who wanted to commission a piece to donate to the Chidren's Ward of the Queen's Medical Centre. For this good cause I designed a wooden Elephant, which itself created some interest, with an article in the Observer Colour Supplement, and for me an interview o "Pebble Mill at One" for the BBC.

The Elephant at the Queens Medical Centre
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