The Life and Works of Peter Hand

Play Sculptures

Nottingham - Shopping Centres & the Queens Medical Centre

Fortunately for me there was an interval before I was asked to make more Play Sculptures. The features for Poole and for Aylesbury were undertaken in temporary, ad hoc, accommodation, but I had acquired new, spacious studios by the time the next order came through, which was for a Centre in Nottingham. Ultimately Nottingham proved to be my best customer.

The Broadmarsh Centre. under development asked me ro produce three sculptures for them and I chose to make a Horse, a Frog and a Caterpillar. in hardwood, similar to the material used in Poole.

Soon after I was contacted by a rival of theirs - the Victoria Centre, who wanted a couple of sculptures. To differentiate, I decided on an alternative to timber and decided on tubular steel. On discussion with the engineering firm who would supply the materials and do the welding for me, I discovered that, if made in relatively small units, the steel parts could be dipped in nylon, which would protect from corrosion and give a much more sympathetic finish.

Consequently I designed a Snake, made of suitably small, separate units, and a Grasshopper, that just met the dimensional requirements.

Several years later I was approached by a representative of the WRVS who wanted to commission a piece to donate to the Chidren's Ward of the Queen's Medical Centre. For this good cause I designed a wooden Elephant, which itself created some interest, with an article in the Observer Colour Supplement, and for me an interview on "Pebble Mill at One" for the BBC.

The Elephant at the Queens Medical Centre
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