The Life and Works of Peter Hand

The Project - Hiatus

The collision of several factors completely wrecked the plans for my project.

New management and attendant changes at College meant that I no longer had access to the space to develop my set pieces. I had ideas as to what sets to make, but no means now to link them to my initial kinetic sculpture.

The breakdown of my marriage left me, not only with no domestic studio space, but in such emotional turmoil that I needed counselling. This I found with a Jungian therapist who interested me in the ideas of C G Jung. These therapy sessions helped resolve my immediate problems, and further study of Jung's ideas I found so convincing that they have become the basis of my world view, and my sculptures, ever since.

I was intrigued by his descriptions of the Archetypes of the Unconscious and how these fragmentary, primitive, personalities can, through dreams and fantasies, influence our daily existence. I understood that the underlying causes of my marriage break-up was an irresistable, destructive impulse from my Unconscious - which I later tried to represent in my sculpture called "the Succubus."

I realised that Jung's theories had given me an unending source of material for my work.

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