The Life and Works of Peter Hand

The Project - Kinetic Interior

The whole point of a skull is to act as the container of the brain, and the brain is the dynamic engine for the entire organism.

It was my intention to install a "brain" within the hollow interior of my abstract wooden skull, and how to express the restless energy of a brain was my next problem.

I had developed useful metal working skills in evening classes in the Technical College and through soldered wire and tin-plate experiments in my early sculptures, and I decided to use these techniques. But this brain could not be static, so movement and illumination were needed.

Powered by a small electric motor in the base of the sculpture and linked by simple shafts and gearing, I drove a wooden camshaft of which the followers were switches controlling light bulbs which flashed on and off in sequence.

In front of this light display, I built a complicated metal structure, suggestive of a mechanical environment with walkways and simple architectural details. When filmed in operation, and discerned through the apertures in the skull, I was satisfied that my kinetic centre-piece symbolised something of the restless intellectual energy of modern life.

© Peter Hand 2020
Designed and built by Paul Newlin