The Life and Works of Peter Hand

The Project - The Beginning

While I was teaching at Bournemouth College of Art, I was granted some research time to develop a project involving the use of a cine-camera in the examination of works of sculpture.

I had observed, in exhibitions, that visitors would often look at a sculpture for only a few seconds before moving on - almost certainly not seeing the detail and relationships of form that the artist had been at pains to include.

I made a fairly complex sculpture with inside and outside detail to illustrate my point. Viewing this in the normal way people moved on in a few seconds, but watching a 10 minute film of it, they were happily led by me through all the aspects I wanted them to see, thus doing justice to the efforts I had made.

Having demonstrated this idea, I resolved embark on a much more ambitious project, which has led me to a lifetime of work.

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