The Life and Works of Peter Hand

Diorama - Self Referring Sculptures

I made three sculptures including the idea of self reference - in which an image of the sculpture is repeated within itself.

In the first one - "Portrait of Penny"- a repeating image of the sculpture is present in the drawing on the wall behind the sitter.

In "The Studio" the half-finished painting on the easel repeats the posture of the model posing on the couch.

In the much more complicated "Self Referring Sculpture Studio" - which itself is making reference to the studio I had in Italy - the model posing is 1/3rd life size, as are all the furnishings and details within the cabinet. The cabinet itself, complete with figure and all details, at 1/9th scale are enclosed within the main cabinet, which encloses a further repetition of the scene at 1/27th scale.

© Peter Hand 2020
Designed and built by Paul Newlin