The Life and Works of Peter Hand

Diorama - Poetry Inspired

The last sculpture that I made on an overtly Archetypal theme was inspired by a fragment of poetry I came across. It seemed to me to sum up the whole Jungian journey through the rigours of the Unconscious towards Individuation - the integrated personality

The imagery of the second stanza of Christina Rossetti's poem "A Birthday" I found irresistible. Hence my sculpture "The Bed".

My sculpture "Window Seat" refers to the imperative in Herricks "To the Virgins,to Make Much of Time". The clock on the wall and the detail of the stained glass emphasize the point.

With advancing years I became interested in the memento mori as a theme for my work. W E Henley's poem "Madam Life's a Piece in Bloom" seemed a perfect vehicle. Seeing Madam Life as a lady of easy virtue and ultimately meeting her pimp - Death - summed it up perfectly. I paid as much attention to the setting as to the protagonists.

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