The Life and Works of Peter Hand

Diorama - The Music Room

When, as part of my ambitious filmic project, I decided on a Library to be my first set, I also had it in mind that something to do with music would be another appropriate environment. It wasn't till many years later that the opportunity presented itself to fulfil this plan and I made my sculpture "The Music Room".

A neighbour possessed a slendid Bosendorfer piano and agreed to my request to make a "portrait" of it. While he was away on holiday he allowed me access to his home to take the necessary measurements and make drawings in order to make a 1/4scale model of it. With that as the centre piece it was logical to create the rest of the scene with the musicians about to play Beethoven's Piano Trio No. 3.

It gave me months of pleasure to make the rich, linenfold panelled room with stained glass windows, the other musical instruments, music stands etc (and even the sheet music is correct for each musician.) And, of course, the three musical muses - a Muse being another function of the Anima.

© Peter Hand 2020
Designed and built by Paul Newlin