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Welcome to the world of Peter Hand

On entering my exhibition visitors are surprised to find themselves in a dark room containing a number of glowing box-like structures.                            

Studio view 1Studio view 2

These "boxes", which may or may not hint at their internal content, have glazed openings through which the image within can be seen.

studio box 1studio box 2studio box 3

My sculptures have often been referred to as "illusionist", which is fair comment.  In my work I am at great pains to create as compelling an illusion of "reality" as possible, albeit on a small scale.

The "reality" that I strive for is not necessarily the reality of everyday life.  Because of the way my themes are presented - the reduced size, the vibrant colour, the illumination, and the encapsulation behind glass - they achieve an almost hyper-reality, not unlike the reality of dreams.

The themes of my sculptures though seemingly diverse do have an underlying consistency.

Everything I do is figurative in the sense that the human figure always has a role in my sculpture, although not necessarily a central one.

In some cases a portrait or a life-study have been the main purpose of the sculpture, but even in these situations I have not been able to resist the temptation to place them in an appropriate setting.

In many more cases the environment has become more important and the figures become the dramatis personae enacting or illustrating the idea behind the work.

In other pieces, especially the very small ones where I have tried to create the illusion of great space, the tiny figures have an important role in setting the scale of an endless interior.

Many of my sculptures involve the use of mirrors - one of the reasons to entitle my virtual exhibition "Reflections". My figures, absorbed in their own images in a looking glass or deep in their own thoughts, encourage a wider interpretation of "Reflections", while a personal interest in psychology suggests that my sculptures are my own Reflections on human life.

A particular interest in the views of Jung and his theories of the Collective Unconscious, the archetypes and their expression in myths, legends and dreams, have provided me with much rich source material.

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