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The Hermaphrodites

The Hermaphrodite is a favourite and recurrent motif in my sculpture. The seed was sown during a lecture I attended on Jungian Psychology, when the lecturer referred to "the androgynous nature of the Psyche".

At this time (early 1980's) many of my sculptures were based on Jungian Archetypes - mainly on aspects of the Anima, a particularly male preoccupation - and ideas as to how to present this more universal aspect of human personality were proving elusive.

However, to symbolise the balance of the masculine and feminine principle in the one personality, what better image could there be than the Hermaphrodite?

I am not concerned with the medical condition of hermaphroditism, or with transgender sexual issues, but I am referring back to the hermaphrodites in Classical Art, in Gnosticism and Alchemy, and to the myths of Ancient Gods many of whom are Androgynes.

Hence, I do not see the Hermaphrodite in any way as weak, but as a strong and integrated personality. In my sculptures Hermaphrodites are solitary, self-sufficient, contemplative, often self-absorbed and, as far as I am able to make them, splendid.

The thoughtful and reflective individual needs no apology for their self-absorption. Consider wise words from Gore Vida.."as the Greeks sensibly believed, should you get to know yourself, you will have penetrated as much of the human mystery as anyone need ever know."

  • The House of Wonders (30 x 66 x 33 cm)
    The little hermaphrodite represents the Psyche or the Self (masculine and feminine elements fused together) and stresses the essential loneliness of the human soul.
  • Hermaphrodite Being (96 x 61 x 61 cms)
    1985 – 1992
    In the Collection of the Erotic Museum, Copenhagen
    In Jungian psychology the Psyche is seen as androgynous, The hermaphrodite figure, incorporating a balance of male and female seems to be the perfect way to express this desirable harmony in the human soul.
  • Hermaphrodite Reflecting (105 x 49 x 59)
    1990 - 1997
    In the Collection of the Erotic Museum, Copenhagen
    In dreams the archetype of the Self – often represented as an hermaphrodite - will appear as a character of great importance and dignity – a super-ordinary person
  • Hermaphrodite Transforming (77 x 61 x 66 cm)
    2001 - 2004
    This hermaphrodite is absorbed in his/her own image and is equipped with the tools for self transformation.
  • Hermaphrodite Enthroned
    (109 x 86 x 110 cm)
    2003 - 2004
    My most recent work on the theme of the Hermaphrodite, and, perhaps my ultimate statement on this topic. In this piece I am trying to suggest the importance of the integrated personality with a regal figure within a palatial setting.