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“Black & White Series”

One very cold winter, when I was living in Italy, it was much too cold to work in my draughty studio, so I amused myself producing these graphic images.

I had always enjoyed the “op-art” designs of Vasarely and the illusion of 3 dimensions that could be created by slight distortion of simple geometric patterns.  To this I added a further optical effect by introducing chiaroscuro to enhance the illusion.  As a final touch I collaged small trompe-l’oeil details and occasional figurative elements.

The images were subsequently exhibited under the heading of “Games in Black & White” in Pontedera, Pisa and Zurich, but on the day prior to taking them to exhibit in Florence my studio was flooded and virtually the whole collection was destroyed!

All I had left as a memory of that phase of my work were some poor quality 35mm slides the existence of which I had all but forgotten.

However, thanks to the interest of Roger Smith, ( his hard work and the magic of the computer, we have now been able to resurrect some of these lost images as Giclee prints which are now available for sale at his Jurassic Coast Gallery and in my own gallery. 

These prints are available mounted, or mounted and framed.  All prints bear a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

We are also planning to produce a second series of the prints in the future.